Your Health Information: Safe and Private

At Lockheed Martin, we offer you and your covered dependents a variety of tools, programs, and other resources to help you achieve and maintain your best possible health. We want you to make the best use of these resources with full confidence that your information is safe and private. Personal health information that you share through any of the plan’s support services is kept confidential and will only be used as permitted by law.

Privacy: It's Lockheed Martin’s policy—and it's the law

Federal and state laws protect the privacy of your identifiable health information. Lockheed Martin understands the importance of making sure your health information stays private. That is why we have implemented a policy of strict protections to ensure that your privacy is respected and protected in accordance with all applicable laws.

HIPAA Authorization Form

HIPAA Privacy Notice

HIPAA Request for Access to Protected Health Information

HIPAA Request for Accounting of Disclosure of Protected Health Information

HIPAA Request for a Personal Representative

What does "identifiable" mean?

Health information can be stored and used in two ways. In one way, it is associated with you personally. This is often called your identifiable health information. Access to this information is strictly limited.

The other way that health information can be used and stored is collectively, which is often referred to as aggregate information. A health plan may combine information from your records with the records of others so that it is not associated with any individual person. For example, a health plan might put together data on the total number of participants with certain health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. This aggregate information might be used to help Lockheed Martin in evaluating which programs and resources to invest in for the health of its employees. With aggregate information, names, Social Security numbers and other individual identifiers are removed so your privacy is protected. Lockheed Martin only receives de-identified, aggregate data so that it can best identify the key health issues for its populations.

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Proper sharing of your information benefits you

Proper sharing of your health information works to your benefit. It can help with the process of coordinating your care. Effective coordination can help eliminate duplications, errors and oversights, and that can add up to better quality care for you. One doctor can take into account how another is already treating you before recommending a course of treatment. Your pharmacist can be aware of potential drug interactions when you come in to fill a new prescription. A Care Advocate or nutritionist helping you to draw up a healthy eating plan can see any allergies you might have or chronic conditions that might affect dietary needs. Also, your health plan can review your claims history to determine which programs and services to offer you. For example, if your claims history shows treatment for certain acute or chronic health problems, The LM Healthworks Plan may invite you to participate in an enhanced Condition Management program and talk with a Care Manager who can offer you support and services to help you get and stay as healthy as you can be.

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