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Personal Health Record

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  • Your Health Information: Safe and Private.
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Secure Connection to Your Health Information

The Personal Health Record (PHR) is a secure, online tool that connects you to your health information, helping you take a more active role in managing your health. It offers a convenient, easy way to store your health history and information so it is organized and available when needed. When you share your PHR information with your health care providers, it can help to improve decision-making with better access to patient data. And, it can help you stay prepared for many health-related needs that may arise, from making it easier to fill out medical forms to accessing health data in an emergency.

How the Personal Health Record works
Each PHR contains essential health history and information, including data related to conditions, medications, tests and procedures, allergies, health care providers, immunizations, emergency information, and more.

  • Health Information
    • Your health information is automatically added to your PHR from claims data submitted to the LM HealthWorks Plan, including results of doctor office and hospital visits, prescriptions filled, and some screenings lab results. This makes the information in the PHR reliable and current (allowing for lag times for claims to be filed and uploaded into the PHR, usually less than two weeks). This is an important differentiator compared to PHRs that are not claim-fed.
    • You can also enter health information not found in claims, such as allergies, OTC medications, and family health history, for a more complete – and helpful – record. Do this in one of two ways: by clicking on an individual PHR section/tab, or by using the Walk Me Through tool. The ability to add data to a claim-based PHR is also a differentiator from many PHRs.

The resulting organized, all-in-one view of your health information can help you better understand your health status and make better health decisions. Also, utilizing PHRs for covered minor dependents can help you better care for your entire family.

  • Sharing
    • You are encouraged to share your PHRs with doctors and specialists to help improve communication and decision-making, and to more effectively coordinate care with multiple providers, or get a second opinion. You can do this by delegating secure online access to provider offices even if you have not yet seen the doctor, before or after a visit. You can also print a copy of the Health Summary to bring to office visits to help fill out forms or show the doctors, nurses and specialists.
    • You are also encouraged to share PHRs with your covered spouse and to make sure the family’s “Chief Health Officer” can access each child’s PHR to assist with managing health tasks for the whole family.

In addition, you can receive health Alerts and Reminders to help you improve your health, and stay safe.

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