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The Levels have changed in 2017 — will it be harder for me to earn my incentives?

No, it won’t. The new platform allows for additional opportunities to accumulate points (such as tracking healthy habits, reading daily health/activity tips, and initiating/participating in tracking challenges), as well as the traditional method of device uploads. Additional partner devices (e.g. Garmin Vivofit, Jawbone Up, etc.) are compatible with the new program, and the maximum number of activity points accrued per day has increased (from a maximum of 120 HealthMiles per day to 190 points per day, with additional point-earning opportunities on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis), all of which allow a member to accumulate points at a faster pace; resulting in a shift in the number of points required to reach each particular Level. See “How it Works” to learn more.

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