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There are four key behaviors that will help you better manage your health and health care costs: 1) Know More; 2) Stay Well; 3) Right Care; and 4) Follow Through. This means you need to be aware of your health status, prevent illness through exercise and good nutrition, get appropriate care at the right time from the right providers and follow your provider’s recommended treatment.

From exercise to nutritious eating, you can take small steps daily toward better health and vitality. Routine healthy habits and behavior can make a big difference not only in how you feel but in terms of your benefits costs. When you do have to seek care, gather information and ask questions during physician visits so that you can take a more active role in your health care decisions.

Decisions that you make directly affect costs and can make a real, lasting change in the coverage Lockheed Martin is able to provide. Since you pay a portion of the cost of your benefits, making wise decisions can save you money as well.

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