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What is the definition of an eligible dependent?

Company-sponsored health plans define eligible dependents as:

  • Your opposite-sex spouse (the lawful female wife of an eligible male employee or the lawful male husband of an eligible female employee); OR your common-law spouse (the female wife of an eligible male employee or the male husband of an eligible female employee, where legally recognized in the state of residence and all requirements have been met); OR your same-sex spouse (the female wife of an eligible female employee or the male husband of an eligible male employee, if you have a marriage certificate issued by a state that recognizes same-sex marriage).
  • Your same-sex domestic partner, in accordance with the requirements outlined in the Company's Affidavit of Domestic Partnership
  • Your children up to their 26th birthday (with no student/marital status or financial requirements), if they are any of the following:
    • Your natural children
    • Your legally adopted children
    • Children placed with you for legal adoption
    • Your stepchildren (natural or legally adopted children of your legal spouse)
    • Natural or legally adopted children of your same-sex domestic partner.

Your disabled children under age 26 will be covered in a "child" status and do not require supporting medical documentation

  • You may also be able to cover your grandchildren up to age 26, but only if you have court-appointed legal guardianship. Acceptable proof of court-appointed legal guardianship will be required before you can enroll a grandchild for the first time.
  • Your disabled children age 26 and older who, when they first became disabled, would have met the definition of an eligible dependent and who are incapable of self-sustaining employment because of mental retardation, serious mental illness, physical sickness or injury. Coverage may continue to age 65 as long as your child remains incapacitated and is otherwise eligible for coverage. To extend this coverage, you must show proof of your child's incapacity within 30 days after regular coverage ends or within 30 days of your child's initial eligibility date, if later. Extended coverage ends when your child:
    • Marries
    • Becomes capable of self-support
    • Fails to report for a scheduled physical exam
    • When proof of incapacity is requested and not presented
    • When the coverage terminates for reasons other than reaching the age limits described earlier.

Dependents do not include any individual who is also covered as an employee, former employee or retiree under any other Company-sponsored medical plan or a medical plan where the Company is a participating employer.

Important note: If you have HMO coverage, the HMO may have a different dependent definition. If this is the case, the HMO's definition will apply. State exceptions to dependent eligibility may also apply if you participate in a fully insured plan or if required under a collective bargaining agreement. Call the Lockheed Martin Employee Service Center (LMESC) if you have any questions about the definition of an eligible dependent.

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