To take advantage of all the benefits and programs that the LM HealthWorks Plan provides, you’ll need to be a plan member.


  • Check your enrollment materials for detailed instructions and other important benefits information.

  • Use the Cost Estimator Tool to estimate and plan ahead for health care costs in the coming year.

2022 Annual Enrollment Guide

One of the most important components of Lockheed Martin’s Total Value package – which includes outstanding pay and benefits, work environment, career development, and rewards and recognition – is the benefit program made available to you. To ensure you are fully informed before making benefit decisions, please take time to learn about the LM HealthWorks Plan and the other benefits offered. By doing so, you gain a key advantage in achieving and maintaining your best possible health. Learn more by accessing the 2022 Annual Enrollment Guide.

When to Enroll

In general, you may enroll in benefits:

  • Within 30 calendar days of the day you first become eligible (e.g your hire date)*,
  • During Annual Enrollment (held each Fall),
  • Within 30 calendar days of a qualifying life event.

The LM HealthWorks Plan

Use this website to learn about the LM HealthWorks Plan and all it has to offer. Read about the basics of the plan. Use the examples, check out links, use the Glossary and Frequently Asked Questions, and sample the online resources available to you. Finally, once you’ve enrolled, this website will be here to help as you begin using the plan. We encourage you to visit often!

Other Health and Wellness Benefits

In addition to the LM HealthWorks Plan, Lockheed Martin offers dental, vision, disability, life and accident insurance, and flexible spending accounts. General information about these benefits is available on this website under the Other Benefits section of the Your Health Plan tab. Learn more »

Programs and Resources for Better Health

Regardless of whether you enroll in medical and other benefits, there are programs and services available to help you take action for better health. Eligible employees can participate in these programs at any time during the year. These include:

  • Help to quit tobacco, from the Tobacco Cessation – Quit for Life™ program.
  • Free flu shots (generally offered in the fall), courtesy of LM HealthWorks.
  • A physical activity tracking tool to help you meet your personal fitness goals, provided through Virgin Pulse, Inc.
  • Free and confidential health screenings at many Lockheed Martin sites across the company, courtesy of the On-site Health Screening Program.
  • ... and more!

Information about these and other programs is available on this website under the Programs to Keep You Healthy section of the Mission: Health tab.

How to Enroll

If you are a newly eligible employee, you will receive medical and other benefits enrollment materials at your home within two weeks after your start date. Your enrollment package will include a personalized benefits menu (or enrollment worksheet), detailed information and instructions on how to enroll. Remember, in general, you must enroll in medical and other health and wellness benefits within 30 days of your first day of work. Please contact the Lockheed Martin Employee Service Center (LMESC) if you have questions or need assistance.

After initial enrollment, the next enrollment opportunity is generally Annual Enrollment, unless you experience a qualifying life event. The Annual Enrollment period is typically held each year in the fall for coverage elections effective at the beginning of the following plan year – January 1. Just prior to Annual Enrollment, eligible employees will receive detailed enrollment instructions.

Please note that enrollment timeframes and eligibility requirements for union represented employees are based on the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

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