The LM HealthWorks Plan can help you take action to make a difference in your health and quality of life.

Take Action

  • See what's motivating Lockheed Martin employees to live healthier and share your own story — with Photovoice.

  • Register with the Aetna member website, CVS Caremark and other key health and benefits resources.

At Lockheed Martin, we’re taking action to become healthier, from the inside out. We’re moving from a culture of treating illness to one of promoting health — not just to save on the costs we all share but, most important, to improve the quality of life for everyone in our organization.

What can you do?

Know more.

Be aware of your current health status and risk factors. In short, become an expert on you. How healthy are you right now? What’s your blood pressure? Cholesterol levels? What health risks are you facing today, and what might you face down the road?

Stay well.

Take advantage of preventive care, and take every opportunity to live a healthy life. Go for routine exams and screenings. Take the kids for their routine checkups and shots. Make healthy choices every day. Monitor what you eat, how active you are, and the other health decisions you make every day.

Right care.

Use your health benefits and programs wisely. This means making sure you get the Right Care from the right doctors when you need it. Consider when to see a doctor or when self-care is appropriate. Use the hospital emergency room for true emergencies only.

Follow through.

Become more active, more involved and more insistent to get the most out of office visits and other health services. Partner with your doctor, take notes, and ask questions to make sure you know what you need to do.

Most important, find your challenge — and your motivation. What do you need to work on for better health? What would achieving your “personal best” health allow you to do every day — and over a lifetime?

Imagine the possibilities and take action to make them happen. Need a place to start? See what other Lockheed Martin people are doing — and why — with Photovoice, an innovative video that combines photographs and words to tell stories of personal inspiration and healthy change. Learn more about Photovoice >>

Ready to take action? Or maybe you’d just like to learn more. The LM HealthWorks Plan is designed with your good health in mind. It puts people, programs, and information at your service to help you be successful and achieve your health goals.

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