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The LM HealthWorks Plan uses the enhanced Sharecare digital platform, which brings you a personalized and upgraded digital home base to help you achieve your health goals, using mobile-first technology. And speaking of goals, Sharecare’s RealAge® test will actually show you how your lifestyle choices are keeping you younger or making you age faster than your chronological age. Using your RealAge results, you’ll enjoy a customized experience and timeline, with new tools and trackers to help you keep moving ahead toward your goals, as well as new challenges and tips to help you lower your RealAge.

Some benefits haven’t changed. You’ll still get:

  • A $100 HealthFund credit (one for you, and one for your eligible spouse/domestic partner). Please allow 10-14 business days for processing
  • Your personalized health snapshot
  • Actionable tasks and trackers to help maintain or reduce your RealAge
  • Opportunities to get the support you need:
    • Health Coaching or a Condition Management program through the LM HealthWorks Plan may be offered to you based on the results of your RealAge Test. If you choose to participate, you'll receive one-on-one support to set personalized goals and create an action plan specific to your lifestyle to achieve your goals.
    • A chance to discuss the results of your RealAge Test and any questions you may have with an LM HealthWorks Plan Health Coach. Accept the call!
    • A conversation starter. You can get help from your doctor by using the results of your RealAge Test to start a discussion about any health concerns you may have.

Please note: The deadline for completing the RealAge Test is November 30, 2022. The deadline for completing all other Healthy Actions is December 31, 2022.

The RealAge Test is a tool to help identify areas where your health may be at risk. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice. You and your doctor may need to take this information into consideration in the management of your health.

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