Regular physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke, control cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure.

Virgin Pulse Physical Activity Program

  • Print instructions for How to Earn Points.

  • Learn More about Virgin Pulse

  • Start walking! Work with your Virgin Pulse, your health coach, or your local Wellness Center staff to develop your own walking program.


Lockheed Martin continues to partner with Virgin Pulse to offer a physical activity tracking tool designed to get you moving and help you reach your personal fitness goals. Login to check your progress, or click here to join today!

The Virgin Pulse program gives you the tools to get active, get healthy, and get rewarded! Get started today!

  • Login to your Virgin Pulse account

  • Set your goals and interests

  • Register or connect your activity tracking device or app. Wearing a device is the fastest way to earn points and get rewards! New participants qualify for a stipend toward an activity tracking device from the Virgin Pulse eCommerce store (equal to 100% of the cost for the Max device).

  • Track your healthy activities, like moving more, and drinking more water.

  • Check in by taking health measurements, such as weight and blood pressure.

  • Take part in challenges, discover healthy tips, and more!

  • Get rewarded for the healthy things you do! The more you do, the more you earn. Then see your points translate into rewards!

How it Works

One Pager_Ways to Earn Info.png

Who Can Participate

  • Benefit-eligible employees who are not enrolled in the high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), including those on a paid leave of absence, and their spouses/domestic partners, are eligible to participate. Employees and spouses/domestic partners do not need to be enrolled in the LM HealthWorks Plan or any other Lockheed Martin-sponsored health plan to participate.
  • The program is designed for employees to participate and earn Physical Activity rewards (points and incentives). Contact Virgin Pulse Customer Service for information about alternative ways to earn points, if unable to achieve a reward due to health status.
  • Retirees, employees enrolled in the HDHPs, dependent children and employees of Savi, Sandia, TCNs, and LCNs are not eligible to participate.

Installing the Software

  • Download the software. You will need the Sync software or iOS/Android app installed prior to activating your device to upload steps from your activity tracker. Employees should follow these instructions carefully while connected to the Lockheed Martin intranet. Note: a reboot is required to activate the Sync software.
  • On your Lockheed Martin issued computer:
  1. 1. Select: Start


  1. 2. Type “Software Center” in the search programs and files box pg71-image2.png
  2. 3. Select: Software Center pg71-image3.png
  3. 4. Select: Virgin Pulse Sync v3.0.21-ENT: Install (T/BUI/K/CR)
  4. 5. Select: Install

If you experience problems during the software installation on your LMC-issued computers, call the Lockheed Martin Service Desk at 1-800-435-7063 for assistance.

  • On your home computer:

To download the software on your home computer, visit If you experience problems during the software installation on your home computer, call the Virgin Pulse Service Desk at 1-866-852-6603 or via email at

  • Start moving. Take a walk at lunch, have a walking meeting, take the stairs or park further from the door each morning.
  • Track your progress. From your personal, secure online tracking center, you can set goals, watch your points add up, and move through different activity levels to a healthier you.
  • Invite Your Friends. Challenge your friends to see who can take the most steps in two weeks, drink the most water, or consistently eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

What Can You Earn?

Plan Enrollment*



LM HealthWorks Plan**

  • Employee Subscriber
  • Employee Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Non-employee Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • $600 HealthFund credits
  • $200 HealthFund credits
  • $200 HealthFund credits

Lockheed Martin-sponsored health plan other than the
LM HealthWorks Plan

  • Employee Subscriber
  • Employee Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Non-employee Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • $600 cash
  • $200 cash
  • $0, $28.99 pedometer subsidy (for new enrollees only) and free participation

No Lockheed Martin-sponsored health plan

  • Employee
  • Non-employee Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • $600 cash
  • $0, $28.99 pedometer subsidy (for new enrollees only) and free participation

*Employees and Spouses/Domestic Partners enrolled in the high-deductible health plans are not eligible to participate or receive incentives through the Virgin Pulse program.

**If you and your spouse are both Lockheed Martin employees and covered under the LM HealthWorks Plan, the employee who is listed as the Plan subscriber is eligible to receive HealthFund incentives (up to $600). The employee listed as a spouse would be eligible to receive HealthFund incentives (up to $200).

How to Enroll


For more details about Virgin Pulse visit Frequently Asked Questions.
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