People who have one-on-one support for quitting tobacco are more likely to succeed.

Tobacco Cessation

Lockheed Martin offers a tobacco cessation program called Quit for Life®. This free program is a voluntary and confidential way for you and your eligible dependents to start becoming and staying a tobacco non-user*.

Who can participate?

Most Lockheed Martin employees and their adult dependents (spouses and children ages
18-25) are eligible for the program, regardless of health plan.

How the program works

When you enroll in the Quit for Life program, you’ll have a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs and experiences. While the treatment is tailored to you, all treatment programs include:

  • Telephone-based individualized counseling sessions with a Quit Coach.
  • Toll-free access to Quit Coaches for ongoing support.
  • Phone-based decision support on the type, dose and duration of medication (if appropriate) to help with withdrawal.
  • Printed reference materials to complement counseling sessions and Web resources.
  • Ongoing support and encouragement to help you stay motivated.

How to get started

For more information on the Quit for Life program, visit the FAQs. Or go to where you can complete an online enrollment form. You also may call 1-877-266-6046 to enroll.

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