Behavioral health benefits, services and online resources are available to help you and your family with a variety of problems and needs.

Mental Health/Substance Abuse

  • Lockheed Martin is partnering with Aetna to offer you and your family behavioral health benefits, services and resources

  • Your Health Information: Safe and Private.
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Through Lockheed Martin’s partnership with Aetna, you and your covered family members have access to services, resources and coverage for mental health and substance abuse care.

Plan Benefits

The LM HealthWorks Plan provides mental health and substance abuse benefits that cover medically necessary inpatient and outpatient services to treat alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental disorders. Inpatient services include treatment in a hospital or treatment facility (including room and board and other needed services and supplies). Outpatient benefits cover visits to counselors and other health professionals. The Benefits Summary shows how the plan shares the cost of these services.

A Dedicated website

Aetna has created a dedicated website to provide resources for more informed decisions about care related to mental health and substance abuse issues. At the site, you’ll find:

  • Interactive self-assessments
  • Information about mental health disorders
  • Guidance and advice for caregivers

Learn about mental health, take a self-assessment or find a behavioral health care professional at

The Reawakening Center

It’s a fact that depression affects your emotional and physical well-being. It can interrupt sleep patterns, impact eating and exercise, and slow recovery from illness. If you or a family member is dealing with depression, part of “keeping you healthy” is helping with anything that can affect your good health. This is why the Reawakening Center, developed and maintained by Aetna, is being made available to you and your family members through the LM HealthWorks Plan.

The Reawakening Center is an online resource that can help you cope with depression and stress. The site offers information, quizzes, interactive tools and other features to help you better understand your feelings and find new, effective ways to cope.

Visit to:

  • Take a depression self test.
  • Search an online library for information on depression-related topics that include medications, therapies, case studies and support groups.
  • Get helpful advice about finding the right treatment.
  • Use the online coaching feature.
  • Check out the “Weekly Wake-Up Call” – helpful tips, facts and messages to get you thinking in positive directions.

You may call 1-877-458-4975 to learn more about mental health and substance abuse benefits available to you through the LM HealthWorks Plan.

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