Take the call — your health is on the line.

Member Outreach

  • Get the extra support and health information you need.

  • Your LM HealthWorks Plan can help you address health risks and live healthier.

Take the call

The LM HealthWorks Plan offers a variety of programs and one-on-one support from well trained, caring health professionals. You may be invited to participate in telephonic Health Coaching, the Aetna One Choice (A1C) Condition Management program or the Maternity Management program, depending on your health needs, medical condition(s) and challenges.

In addition, a Care Manager may call to help coordinate services and benefits for a hospital stay or complex medical procedure. You may also receive a call from CVS Caremark about medications you’re taking or potential savings opportunities. If you can’t be reached by telephone, you may receive a letter.

Remember, your participation in these programs is voluntary, free and confidential.

Who may be contacted?

You may be contacted if historical claims information available through the health plan (which is not viewed by Lockheed Martin) identifies you as having a certain health condition or being at risk for a health condition.

Also, if you take the RealAge Test, you'll get a call from a health coach to discuss your results, even if you have no health risks.

Why should I participate?

There are many good reasons. Here are just a few:

  • It’s personalized help, information and advice from an experienced health professional about the health conditions, concerns and issues that matter to you.
  • It’s confidential.
  • It’s available to you at no extra cost.
  • You’re the one in control.

"Health coaching is an opportunity to engage our members and inspire positive lifestyle changes. No one person is alike; as health coaches, we meet you where you are, while providing our guidance and knowledge every step of the way."
Health Coach - Sharecare

One more point: The LM HealthWorks Plan Health Coaching and A1C Condition Management programs are not intended to replace your personal physician. Through your participation in these programs, you will be encouraged to work with your physician on the treatment of your condition or health risk.

Did you know? If you and/or your spouse are eligible and participate in a Health Coaching or A1C Condition Management program, both you and/or your spouse can earn a HealthFund credit. Learn more about this and other available HealthFund Healthy Actions.

When can I anticipate a phone call?

You may be called at any time. Often calls are made in the evening when you may be more likely to be home.

What number will they call?

You’ll be contacted on the phone number that the LM HealthWorks Plan has on file. Most frequently, this is the phone number you have recorded in LMPeople, which Lockheed Martin has provided to the LM HealthWorks Plan.

Your privacy is protected

Remember, Lockheed Martin and the LM HealthWorks Plan are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring confidentiality. No information about your individual health status, responses, or action plan is shared with Lockheed Martin without your specific authorization as required by law.

If you have questions about the Health Coaching or In Touch Care Enhanced Condition Management program, please call the LM HealthWorks Plan at 1-877-458-4975.

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