Get in touch with a knowledgeable source of help, information and referrals by calling 1-877-458-4975.

One-on-One Support

  • Care Navigator – your single point of contact for answers, information and referrals to other plan resources.

  • Care Advocate – helps you find the Right Care, and use the plan's services and programs to your advantage.

  • Your Health Information: Safe and Private.
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As you take action to be your healthiest, the right support makes all the difference in keeping you motivated and on track with your goals. It can help you get past the obstacles and barriers that keep you from making improvements to your health and quality of life, or give you someone to talk to when you’re dealing with a serious health condition that requires complex care. Through the LM HealthWorks Plan’s one-on-one support resources, you’re able to talk to trained professionals who care and can provide the support and information you need, when you need it.

The Care Navigator: A single point of contact for the help you need.

Do you have a health-related question, but don’t know where to turn? One phone call puts you in touch with a Care Navigator, a single, knowledgeable source of help, information and referrals. The Care Navigator knows the LM HealthWorks Plan and all that it offers, and can connect you to the resource, service or program that matches your particular health care need or question.

If you need help finding the Right Care, the Care Navigator may direct you to a Care Advocate, an experienced health care professional who can guide you through the maze of today’s health care system. Learn more >

The Care Navigator or Care Advocate may also recommend Health Coaching for the help and support you need to make healthy lifestyle changes, address a particular health risk or manage an existing medical condition. Learn more>

If you have a health concern or symptom that you’d like to know more about, or if you need help making an important health care decision, the Care Navigator or Care Advocate may direct you to the Nurse Advice Line. Learn more >

If you’re living with one or more chronic health conditions (such as diabetes or asthma), the Care Navigator or Care Advocate may recommend the Aetna One Choice (A1C) Condition Management program to help you improve your overall health by better understanding and managing your condition. Learn more >

If you’re expecting a baby, the Care Navigator or Care Advocate may tell you about the Maternity Management program, a source of information and support for a healthier pregnancy. Learn more >

For extra support when you need complex or catastrophic care, your Care Navigator or Care Advocate may put you in touch with a Care Manager. Learn more >

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